7 thoughts on “Tips and Recommendations for ROMA

    1. Thank you! How have you managed to live in Rome for so long? It’s my dream! I’m moving back to Italy for the next year but I wish it was rome! I also just noticed your reply on GLT and your recommendations are great as well 💕


      1. I’m an English language teacher so I moved there for work. It was an amazing experience 🙂 Now I live in Germany but I imagine I will live in Italy again one day.

        Which city are you moving to? For work or studies?

        And thanks 🙂

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      2. I’m moving to Varese (near Milan and Switzerland) and I will be an English teaching assistant. I’m ecstatic but it’s going to be completely different than what I’m used to. I imagine you speak a fair bit of Italian after living there for so long? I’m always trying to practice but not having classes anymore makes it difficult to study.


  1. Nice! I haven’t visited there yet. I moved to Rome with zero Italian but did pick up quite a lot by immersion. I used Duolingo and some websites to build my vocabulary and asked friends to send me Whatsapp messages or Facebook messages in Italian so I could practice writing it. As I used English all day at work and at home, my progress was limited by that. I didn’t attend Italian lessons either which would have helped. I learned enough to function in different situations and solving different problems, but socially I spoke English 99% of the time, even with my Italian friends (as they spoke English well and we had lots of international friends).


    1. It’s difficult especially as an English teacher. I taught English this summer in English immersion summer camps and I never really got the opportunity to practice as much as I would have liked. It seems to me like you tried really well! I also speak English with a lot of my Italian friends just because it’s easier


      1. Yes a familiar feeling. All we can do is our best, given our circumstances and work situation. I am now in Germany trying to pick up German…much harder than Italian and far less melodic 🎶


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