Nuove Esperienze

Study abroad ruins you in the best way. Even though I am now staying in Italy until July my heart is still heavy. I will be in Perugia alone and leaving behind all of the friends and people i’ve met here in Rome. It’s really impossible to describe the feeling but I get very upset when I think about leaving or returning home to America. I am making the most of this experience though and trying to not think about the future!



Imagine this: 2am, the fontana di trevi, homemade limoncello by mom, and the best company you could ask for. I feel like I’m living a movie. It’s these little moments that make this experience so unique and perfect. Hearing people singing on the streets to Wonderwall and walking around the streets of Rome at night. This is unlike anything i’ve ever experienced before and I never want it to end.


We went to Villa D’este in Tivoli recently and we all had our girlie Lizzie McGuire moment, it was beautiful but might have been better if the weather hadn’t been so rainy. We had a good time and a great lunch! 10 euro for a first plate, second plate, side dish, plus wine and water included?! why doesn’t america think of these things!? I’ve also recently had an Italian haircut and studied at the Parco degli Acquadotti which was beautiful especially at sunset. Rome changes when the weather becomes nicer. Everyone is outside and happy and it’s a really nice thing to see.


I’m almost always traveling with a friend however this weekend I managed to travel to Florence on my own! I was meeting up with friend there but I went to Termini station and took the train and wandered around this beautiful small city by myself. I did not get to climb the duomo but why did I need that when I got to experience the breathtaking views on top of Piazza Michelangelo of the entire city of Florence at sunset.



I made my wish at Il Porcellino however it didn’t land between the grates meaning it’s not supposed to come true. I’m hoping it’s false because I made two wishes and I know at least one has to come true or else I will be very sad. We had a great time meeting up with friends and Emma, my roommate, came to meet everyone too after her lessons on Thursday. The only thing I did not like about Florence was that anytime I tried to speak Italian I was immediately responded to with English because I am America or maybe I made a mistake in what I was saying. It was shocking because in Rome everyone lets you try when you attempt to use the language but also most people here, at least in our neighborhood, do not speak English very well at all. I was disappointed because I have been really wanting to practice Italian but I was always immediately shut down and responded to in English. I didn’t let that get me down because at one point I was spoken to in italian at a restaurant and he did let me practice with him and explained everything to me in his native tongue. It was rewarding to understand everything he said!



I had a similar experience in Cinque Terre which is where Emma and I went on Friday morning. We took a tour of all the 5 neighborhoods of Cinque Terre. For those who do not know Cinque Terre literally means – Five Lands, and this is because of the 5 neighborhoods or towns within this area. We saw everything and ate some really good food. The scenery was beautiful and the weather was really amazing. We hiked a lot and my legs are still hurting!  We even enjoyed some sangria on the beach in Vernazza. This trip was one of my favorites so far. I think Florence is one of my favorite cities in Italy besides Rome as of right now and Cinque Terre was one of my favorite excursion experiences. I even got a nice leather jacket out of this trip too.


This weekend (after my very busy and very stressful week) I will be finally visiting my Italian family in Vasto! It’s a dream come true. All my life I dreamed of coming to this city and meeting my Italian family that everyone always talked about and it’s about to become a reality. I am going (by myself!) by bus from Tiburtina to Vasto to meet my cousin Valeria. I am so excited to meet everyone and to see the land where my grandmother was born and grew up. I know she misses it a lot and i’m going to keep her in my thoughts the whole time since she can’t be there with me. I will post an update blog sometime after my visit with my family. Ci vediamo a dopo!

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